Navigating the Publishing Journey with Dr. Gregory Duhon: A Resident’s Guide to Getting Research Published

Every aspiring physician dreams of getting their research published in a well-respected journal. Not only can doing so boost your resume, but it also allows you to educate other people based on your unique experiences, according to Dr. Gregory Duhon, MD.


Getting published as a resident can be challenging, though. There’s a lot to overcome, but you can succeed if you follow some tried-and-true tips for getting published in a medical journal.

Select a Research Topic

The first step in getting published in a medical journal is selecting a research topic. Remember that focusing your research on something entirely new is not necessary.

Instead, you can think in more straightforward terms and reexamine things that are right in front of you. Consider researching how to provide fixes for cases that have gone wrong or how to optimize patient care.

It’s also a good idea to focus your research on something timely, as well as something that won’t take you too long to complete. You don’t want to be spending years on research, which would ultimately delay the impact your article might have.

Design Rigorous Studies and Analyze the Results

The bread and butter of any research article are the studies and results. If you want to get your article published in a respected journal, you will have to present not only an abstract and conclusion, but also evidence that supports your thesis.

No matter your research topic, you want to create a study that will rigorously test your hypothesis. Then, once the research has been conducted, you want to analyze the results effectively, as objectively as you can.

One great way to do that is to find a mentor who you can trust to walk you through the process and provide constant feedback.

Conduct a Literature Review

Medical knowledge and research ability are two skills that are essential if you want to be a good physician. And while your knowledge and research quality are both critical to getting published, remember that you’ll also need to be able to communicate your message effectively.

Learning how to write effectively is essential in medical practice, but it is also an incredibly worthwhile skill if you want to get published in a reputable journal. While writing may not come naturally to you, it’s a skill that you can build.

As you’re trying to get your article published, you should conduct a literature review. Read a lot of other articles that have been published and model your writing style after that. Then, make it your own and inject some of your unique experiences and background into it.

Have Thick Skin

Dr. Gregory Duhon, MD, suggests that residents and med students develop a thick skin as they try to get published in a journal. It’s very common to be rejected when attempting to get published, especially if you’ve never been published before.

It’s important not to get discouraged by these rejections. Don’t view them as failures, but rather as opportunities to learn, improve and try again.

In addition, having a thick skin will help as you go through the peer-review process and address feedback from reviewers. How you handle these steps will go a long way in determining how successful you are.

About Dr. Gregory Duhon, MD

Dr. Gregory Duhon serves as an inspiring example for budding medical students. With expertise in critical care, emergency medicine, and crisis management, Dr. Duhon’s compassionate patient care has made a positive impact on the lives of many.

Beyond his medical pursuits, he generously volunteers his time to assist flood victims and individuals affected by opioid addiction, emphasizing the broader role of healthcare professionals. As a constant learner and an enthusiast for both physical challenges like Ironman training and diverse interests like travel and culinary exploration, Dr. Duhon embodies the spirit of a well-rounded medical practitioner, offering valuable insights to future healthcare leaders.

This article was originally published in The University Herald.